What Our Clients Say

"After a year we started off with a profit forecast, but as soon as we learned your strategies we decided to double our forecast. We're already well over that forecast again by two-and-a-half times on sales and profits are even higher. Now we run a really profitable business."

C.N.Kalaria, Managing Director Home Decor Sanitarywares, Morbi, India.

"Just one strategy and we could raise the prices in the market which otherwise always a roll back. This helped us increase our net profit. In fact, business has grown so much we that we could have never imagined to start a new manufacturing set up and also outsource our regular products just to keep up the demand."

Mr. Vipul Shah, Managing Director Vinay Wire Products, Ahmedabad, India.

"During the first year with Possible, our systems improved, the team understood and began applying sales strategies to meet their targets. We are a totally new and different company than we were just two years ago. In fact, our goal is to hit 40% raise in sales - with increased profits, year after year. Plus I've enjoyed a couple of great vacations without having to worry the least it about things back at the office."

Mr. S.N.Lokhandwala, Managing Director, Safinat Al Sahraa, Dubai.

All of Rajiv's ideas and tools have ease of execution. As a Small Business Growth Advisor, he draws extraordinary results from the small businesses.

Mustafa Bootwala, Managing Director, Metro Packaging - Dubai.

"If you are small business and want to make your business systematic and profitable then Rajiv must be your 100% choice of advisor"

Sukesh Shah Managing Director, Aerolex Cables [P] Ltd., Ahmedabad, India.

Our Awesome Clients

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Thin Profits , Weak Systems, High Employee turnover, Poor Brand Equity

Irregular Cash-Flow, Large Outstanding and No Growth

Small Business Advisor would help you in Improving Profits year after year, develop team, Strengthen brand equity, Establish the culture of planning, execution and review, Guide on systems for effectiveness in operations, Go global and thus become Sustainable and Profitable Business.

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About Small Business Advisor

Small Business Advisor is a platform developed solely to help small and medium enterprises to achieve Sustainable Growth in the long run. We are the part of Possible Business Solutions helping SMEs and Start-Ups to achieve success in their ventures. Possible is headed by Mr. Rajiv Bakshi who is a pioneer in helping SMEs all around the world by transforming their small Businesses. Established in 1999, Possible Group has assisted more than 100 SMEs in India and overseas – Middle East, Africa, and Asia in an increase in their Sales, Profits, exports and most important the number of happy customers. Possible Group is only one of the first consulting group working extensively for SMEs. We also help Start- Ups grow in their ventures. For more details visit us at: STARTUP-BUSINESS-ADVISOR

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Small Business Advisor

Our Strategic tools are Simple To Execute, Most Practical, Economically Viable, Adaptable under any Condition and Sure to Bring Faster Results.

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Worked with 79 clients till date 54 in India and 25 abroad, Increased sales and profits in 90% clients, Improved cash flow in 70% clients, Successfully launched 43 new products and 7 new companies and 100% clients prefer to refer our services.

Our Services


Our services of Business Development comprises a number of tasks and processes aiming developing and implementing growth opportunities between multiple organizations.


Corporate Strategy is a proprietary set of actions that enables a company to be worth more than just the sum of its parts.


Sales and Marketing services are “the heart” of our company. We use rigorous analysis and a deep understanding of organizational processes to unlock the full potential of any company´s marketing and sales resources.


It is critical to understand how your industry peers compare in operational and financial performance to accurately assess your own performance.

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