Small Business Advisor - Frequently Asked Questions

What types of issues normally get addressed?

Or any other issue that might arise during our discussions which is related to business growth.

What else is included in the project?
We train and motivate your HOD team, teach certain very specific skills to them. The HODs then after duplicate the same amongst its team members. In addition we are available to discuss any questions you still might have, in the next session. Quite frequently we are asked to comment on advertising or publicity campaigns or new names or new projects, etc.
We provide few sessions during the assignment, with your entire team to understand them and put them 'correction on course' mode so that they to are focused. We help you evaluate them very regularly such that you know who are real 'performers' and who are 'passengers.' We also provide gifts in kind to performance enhancers.
Where the meeting should be held?
Where the meeting takes place is up to you. Usually we have it at your office.
Who should attend?
All the key decision makers should participate in the strategy sessions.

Why so many Business Owners now use A Business Advisor?

As a business growth specialist we provide you with knowledge to succeed in business, we only use proven time tested methods. And act as a sounding board to you and provide useful guidance for getting the best from difficult situations.

Business Advisory is getting the business owner and the company to the maximum potential using a Business Advisor.
Any successful business owner, sports person or VIP will have a Business  Advisor. It is essential if you want to get to a higher level of performance. Things are changing so rapidly now, how can you run a business and expect to keep up with the very latest business solutions that we specialise in.
A Business Advisor can see the problems from the outside without being shortsighted by old bad habits the company has been gathering over the years. The CEO needs someone to encourage, pushing him, to congratulate him, to support him and keep him focused on the planned goals and made accountable for the outcomes. It can be a lonely job being the boss without a trusted sounding board.
Business Advisory is a way to bridge any gap between where you and your business or career is today and where you would like to be. Customised Business Advisory works faster, is more effective, and is more convenient than standard management seminars and work books. Business Business Advisory is not an extravagance but a must to get fast effective business solutions.
The Business Business Advisor may work with business owners, executives, and people at every level in the company.

What type of relationship is developed between us?
The consultancy evolves a relationship between us which is collaborative where

Since we become d'facto CEO of your organization, all major strategic decisions are taken with each other's compliance.

What is your primary role?
We help you determine your business goals in such a way that they have every chance of being achieved. Besides we help you stay focused in working towards those goals.
Honestly our role is a supportive one, helping you in the processes involved in working towards achieving your business goals.

What you do not do?
We do not explore past events or issues, since we believe that we cannot change the past. We have no remedial intent.

In the past we have had experiences with the advisors wherein advisors are more like salaried employees who share no responsibility for the outcome?
Yes, you are very correct. There are many consultancy organizations and individuals who become advisors by default. In most of the cases people who have one success story behind them become 'advisors'. Such 'advisors' have no emotional attachment with the product or organization. They are like medico-quacks - who have no authority over the subject. 
We strongly recommend following strategy while thinking hiring the services of business growth advisor:

How do you justify your quoted fees?
'Real advisor' does not work on man-hour fees basis. Good advisors charge by "quality of the assignment to be completed within a specified period." They spend time with you and as much outside of you but for you. So whenever you get to know their fees do not calculate their per day or per month cost. Their working will have larger than time effect on the organization. 
Retainership should be focused towards results within a fixed period. In case someone or consultancy firm seeks assignment on ongoing basis then they are looking for an 'independent employment' and 'no results.'
As regards our charges and time that we shall devote, I cannot quote you any of both without conducting a study to understand the assignment.
What more do we get out of our association?

  1. You become SPECIFIC outcome-focused.
  2. Our strategies are all adaptable to your organizational needs and your way of working.
  3. We operate outside a blame/reward structure or a success/failure pattern.
  4. We encourage you and your team rather than telling what to do or how to do it. We offer many skills and strategies. Then after we encourage you to experiment with them and monitor what works for you/team. This way we develop your skills, confidence and build your independence in managing your business successfully.
  5. We discipline the outstanding achievers and respect their resourcefulness so that they get far better results than they are expected to. Most of our client CEOs has surprised themselves with their own resourcefulness.

In addition, we

What if the desired 'Results' are not achieved? 
Very comfortably we can both pass the buck on each other's failure. But this happens only if we do not correct the course on-way. We discuss the progress periodically and undertake corrective measures. It is always our and yours endeavor to achieve the best. And we are involved as much or sometimes more to achieve what we defined at the beginning. 
Still the results do not come! In that case please appreciate that you have learnt so much that results could be a matter of 'some more time'. And you would definitely achieve the RESULT, although we may not be there as your associate. 
And positive RESULTS only happen, since our intentions are POSITIVE!
What has been your experience so far?
Honestly, I have learned that: I cannot create Successful People or Businesses; I can only take successful people or businesses and help them, become more successful.

Small Business Advisor

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