Role of a Small Business Advisor

India will continue to grow at a rate that most world economies will envy. Most of this growth will be taken up by the SME sector.
The SME sector has always been the greatest source of employment within any country. Studies have shown that on an average more than 95% of employment comes from private sector SMEs, be it USA or Maldova or Maldives. India is no exception.
With a fast growing economy the prospects for entrepreneurship are very good. If entrepreneurs rush to embrace the opportunities without the necessary business planning, systems and bias for action they can, just as fast, turn potential success into failure. A fast moving economy is as much a guarantee to failure as to success. We therefore, at Possible want to ensure success for these entrepreneurs.

Need of a Small Business Advisor


We as Small Business Advisor look at the business in its entirety. All aspects such as sales and marketing, ideation, products and procurement, leadership training, team building, enhancing communication in the business, business planning and execution, adding systems to the business to streamline the output, all with the aim of raising the profitability of the business.
The definition of a business at Small Business Advisor is - a "Commercially Profitable Enterprise that runs without the Business Owner". If the owner must be there all day every day, then they have a job that they pay themselves rather than truly being an entrepreneur. So our aim is to help the business owner develop a business built on systems that they run, rather than the business running them, and to provide the business owner a steady cash flow.
As Small Business Advisor, we coach them to become true entrepreneurs.

Small Business Advisor

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