About Small Business Advisor

Business Advisory is getting the business owner and the company to the maximum potential using a business Advisor.
Any successful business owner, sports person or VIP will have an advisor. It is essential if you want to get to a higher level of performance. Things are changing so rapidly now, how can you run a business and expect to keep up with the very latest business solutions that we specialize in. As a business growth specialist we provide you with knowledge to succeed in business, we only use proven time tested methods. And act as a sounding board to you and provide useful guidance for getting the best from difficult situations.
An Advisor can see the problems from the outside without being shortsighted by old bad habits the company have been gathering over the years. The owner needs someone to encourage, to push him, to congratulate him, to support him and keep him focused on the planned goals and made accountable for the outcomes. It can be a lonely job being the boss without a trusted sounding board.
Advisory is a way to bridge any gap between where you and your business or career are today and where you would like to be. Customized business Advisory works faster, is more effective, and is more convenient than standard management seminars and work books. Business Advisory is not an extravagance but a must to get fast effective business solutions.
The Business Advisor may work with business owners, executives, and people at every level in the company.

Business Advisory focuses on helping a business owner to create a distinctive business plan with its own identity. Business Advisory can operate in any field of commerce, from traditional businesses to entrepreneurial start-ups to e-businesses.
Business Advisory can also apply to any model of business.

Possible is headed by Rajiv Bakshi.
Born in 1960, "Rajiv" as he is fondly called has had a fast-track career through marketing and general management, with nationwide experience. He has been very successful in all his professional assignments spanning 16 years with all great companies.
He has the distinction of making few of them great, by using his talents to get faster results, in wide range, of businesses. He strongly feels that he is indebted to all the companies and people, where he worked, which contributed to his learning.
Idolized by all his subordinates, peers and bosses for his forthrightness, smart working and quick-sensible decisions he commands great respect from the trading fraternity too. Today he owns a company - POSSIBLE BUSINESS SOLUTIONS [P] LTD. And he has made remarkable growth for his company single handedly, since its launch in 1999.
Besides he is a visiting faculty to few renowned Management Institutes of Gujarat, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh teaching Strategic Management in Marketing. The students hate him for his out of the book teaching. He believes that teaching 'what happens and how it is to be handled in the real world' is far more different than systematically penned in the books. And the students admire him later when they face the realities in the professional world and handle them confidently.
Gallup International Inc. USA on 7th March 1999, at Singapore found strengths of Rajiv, which helped him decide his present profession of Management Consultancy. Alternate profession, which they suggested, was heading a large organization.
This is the most reliable test as of date to find your top 5 latent and active strengths/talents, which help you to select the right profession. It takes 5 days of rigorous exposure to various psychometric tests, case studies, and hidden agendas for the team of 9 evaluators to evaluate a personality.
Our Vision as a Small Business Advisor:
We believe:
1. Our success is 100% dependent upon the success of our clients, principals and our own team.
2. Ordinary people can get extraordinary results, individually and in team, always. 
3. That the client's/principal's interest is ahead of our own.
4. To be the best in whatever we do.
5. To uphold absolute integrity.
6. If we can't be trusted, then we have no right to be in business.
7. We are fiercely dedicated to achieve the results.

Small Business Advisor

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