7 Reasons : Why Business Owners Use A Business Advisor

1 ). Most small business owners work ridiculously long hours
Are you continually fire fighting in your business, endlessly trying to solve mundane problems that your staff should have got right in the first place but end up doing the job in hand yourself because you know it is the only way it will be done properly. It seems impossible to leave your business and it would run well without you. And at the end of those really long hours what do you earn out of it.
We know this is one of the biggest problems facing the small business owner and we work with you step by step to address this dilemma in a professional, simple, constructive manner which adds massive real value to your business. Growing a company that works without.
2). You spend a fortune on advertising but feel you get little in return
The cost of advertising is outrageous and there is no guarantee with it. And even when potential customers contact you they take a lot of the teams time only to go to the competition looking for a lower price. We show you how to truly invest in your business where you are able to prove what you are actually spending gives you a large return and how to avoid the nightmare trap of a price war with your competitors.
3). You feel that with all the effort and worry your profits are still low
Over heads are relentless, never ending costs but even then at the end of the day when you see the profit margin, it's minimal, can your business fail without correct control. Do you often wonder how you could make a large healthy profit without overspending and having just reasonable costs. We work with you to master cash flow control and business optimisation without threatening the health of the business but in fact to increase the value of your business.

4). You struggle to keep up with new technology and regulations
Over the last 10 years in India policies have made being a small business owner feel incredibly difficult and onerous. You worry that you could be fined or booked for breaking endless regulations and laws. Also information technology changes so fast and is so costly to keep up with. We show you how to work with red tape and even how to turn some regulations into your advantage. Technologies used correctly can give your business a quantum leap forward ahead of your competition and greatly cut time and costs.
5). Your team never really shines and gives you peace of mind
You find great staff ever harder to find and feel that collectively they are just average at best. You often think how do you obtain a great team. How would I ever be able to afford a high caliber team. You seem to do a lot of the tasks they should be doing right in the first place. We work with your team and help develop staff who can really look after you business and add massive value.
6). You never feel the business is robust and worry what effect would a lean time have
You find that there is no consistency with business flow it is either so busy service starts to suffer or so lean that drastic cuts have to be made. You never seem to run on an even keel. But you realise with big over heads, demand must be more constant. Imagine your business actually achieving consistency and how much value that would add to your business as an asset to your future. A professional, robust, stable business achieves that goal and we show you effective solutions that work to get you and your business to that position.
7). You have that nagging feeling you should do something about your business but are too busy working in your business to work on your business
How can you ever take the time to plan and work on your business when you seem to do everything anyway, you feel you are the business. But the problem with that is your business can never be truly valuable, if you are the business and if it where to be sold. What happens if you get sick, what happens if you want a long holiday. Can you go away and forget about it knowing it will look after you. We work with you to show how step by step this can actually be achieved.
If you do nothing about these problems then you are always going to get the some old poor results with your business so take action now, contact us and start to build a valuable professional business.

Small Business Advisor

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